Log off, shut down, and restart.

View of Windows 8 Shutdown MenuMicrosoft located log off and shut down in different locations. To log off, open the start menu and click on the user name in the top right corner, then click sign out. Shut down is located in the charms menu, open by moving the cursor to the bottom right of the screen. Then to find shutdown, click on the gear icon (settings); click on power and shut down, or restart.

If you’re a desktop user and want to save yourself a lot of extra mouse clicks, pickup a start menu replacement such as Classic Shell or StartMenu8. Even with long term users there are very few that actually use the default start menu in a desktop environment.

New Windows 8 shortcut keys.

Windows 8 introduces a few new shortcut keys to help maneuver around a little easier. The best way to quickly swap between applications is still Alt – Tab, which toggles through both normal and metro apps.

Key Combination Description
Windows Logo Key + start typing Search your PC
Ctrl + plus (+) or Ctrl + minus (-) Zoom in or out
Ctrl + scroll wheel Zoom in or out
Windows Logo Key + C Open the charms
Windows Logo Key + F Open search charm to search files
Windows Logo Key + H Open the share charm
Windows Logo Key + I Open the settings charm
Windows Logo Key + J Switch the main app and snapped app
Windows Logo Key + K Open devices charm
Windows Logo Key + O Lock screen orientation
Windows Logo Key + Q Open search charm to search apps
Windows Logo Key + W Open search charm to search settings
Windows Logo Key + Z Shows commands available in the app
Windows Logo Key + spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + spacebar Change to a previously selected input
Windows Logo Key + Tab Cycle through open Metro apps
Windows Logo Key + PgUp Move the Start screen and apps to the monitor on the left
Windows Logo Key + PgDown Move the Start screen and apps to the monitor on the right
Windows Logo Key + shift + period Snaps an app to the left
Windows Logo Key + period Snaps an app to the right
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